Kitchen Demolition

Our old kitchen is no more!

By a happy coincidence, the week of the kitchen demolition was the week we'd already scheduled to take vacation. So we were off with Amy & Martin in Nova Scotia last week while our kitchen and family room closet were gutted, and the wall between the existing house and the addition was knocked down.

Thanks to Bev & Brian, who watered the plants while we were away, we have a photo of the demolition in progress. Much appreciated!! I also took a bunch of post-demolition photos. You can see the latest pictures at view3.php

Also, for anyone who's interested, I've posted our Nova Scotia vacation photos.

(For those with limited bandwidth or interest in seeing all 7 pages of Nova Scotia pictures, I'd especially recommend Cabot Trail photos.)

We were glad that we weren't here for Demolition Week... but we also didn't know quite what to expect when we came home yesterday. It sure was strange to see a large part of our house as a shell! Along with the kitchen being gutted, a dining room wall and 2 walls in our family room have been stripped. More stuff than we thought had to be moved out, so we came home to see lots of additional things piled up in our bedroom and the living room. Another surpise: There was no power to some parts of the house like the living room, and no hot water at all. Good thing it's not winter!

Right now there's plastic up at the entrance to the living room, as well as to the hallway to the bedrooms, in an effort to contain construction dust.... Meanwhile, work on the addition continues, with shingles up on most of the outside, and the sliding door installed.

Since our washing machine used to be in the kitchen and the dryer was in the now-gutted family room closet, we are without laundry capabilities as well as having no kitchen. Lee's set up a little frig and microwave in our computer room, but so far today we decided to eat out lunch and dinner. I expect we'll soon figure out how to eat at home, after we get a table cleared off.....

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