More Plumbing, Floor Prep, Digging Around the Salb

If our home is our castle, we now have our very own moat! Week 4 concluded Friday with work to dig around the slab supporting the addition, for insulation (and we believe structural reinforcement). Of course, there were thunderstorms with torrential rain Friday afternoon just after the digging was done.

There was more plumbing work this week. Also, plywood was put down where the flooring will be in part of the new kitchen area (the part where the floor has to be raised up to the level of the existing kitchen area, not the step-down area). And, the old back door was removed.

Brian tells us that we're a couple of days behind schedule, but nothing terribly alarming. We're neither surprised nor upset, as we know things usually take a little longer than planned. I just fervently hope not a LOT longer.

The latest kitchen construction photos are on our week 4 photo page.

Our contractors actually showed up briefly Saturday morning to install screens in the windows of the addition, so we can get some air in here this weekend without also having every insect in Framingham pop in. They'd planned to do that Friday afternoon, but likely got interrupted because of the thunderstorms. We were quite grateful!

I'm slowly figuring out how best to live within ConstructionWorld. Lee bought a small folding table and chairs that we can set up in the new kitchen eating area nights and weekends, so we don't have to eat in the cramped and cluttered living room. We also have some old chairs and little tables set up in front of the house, if I just want to grab a bite to eat outside without having to walk all the way around to the backyard (we can't walk out the back sliding doors right now because of the moat).

If you want to see a photo tour of the rest of the house, and what the other rooms look like in ConstructionWorld, head to view4b.php

It was a big mental-health help yesterday that we enjoyed Saturday with our friends Linda and Dar, who issued us a mercy invitation that we gratefully accepted :-) . We relaxed by their pool and had dinner in a place with walls, floors and no clutter/construction dust!

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